A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on December 11, 2011 at 5:27 am

  • Note to customer: if you want my help on a conference call, don't interrupt me *every single time* I try to explain what you're doing wrong. #
  • Woke up this a.m. with Kismet rubbing noses with me – not nibbling – & he's been in my face *all* day. I guess I have an admirer. #
  • One of the (few) good things about living alone (not counting cats): the frozen T-Day leftovers last so much longer. (Now warming….) #
  • I still have a hard time believing someone got paid to green-light that repulsive Heineken "niteclub" TV ad. I'm buying Bud from now on. #
  • Went out of the house for the first time since I blew out my back 6 weeks ago. I seem to have picked a spectacularly nice day for it. #
  • While I was out, I picked up Mycah's cremains. Lovely little rosewood urn. I suppose I need to build a shrine, now. #
  • Most people get tunes stuck in their heads – "earworms." Me… I often get odd words stuck there. Today: giganotosaurus. #
  • You helped me along, makin' me strong… RT @rsmccain: Give me the beat, boys, free my soul http://t.co/VOAReRAq Dobie Gray, R.I.P. #
  • Sleep seems to have been, shall we say, rather elusive this morning. I may be totally cooked by the end of my shift at midnight. #
  • 5 Hour Energy, it's time for you to work your magic. #
  • **SNEEZE** **SNEEZE** Uh oh…. #
  • I voted for Mass Effect 3 to win the #VGAanticipated category at the @SPIKE_TV #VGA http://t.co/bQO5zLw0 #
  • I'm really hoping that today isn't as heinous, work-wise, as yesterday was. Maximum suckage. #


One Response to “A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates”

  1. It sounds like your back is doing better.

    Sorry for the sadness. We remember when you lost Mycah last month.