A Week of Tweets

Posted By on March 25, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • I've just cooked bacon. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair. ->
  • RT @brithume: Someday this festival of slaughter will be seen for the crime against humanity it is. US hardly innocent. http://t.co/vUJ->
  • RT @lheal: #ObamaIsnotSatan But then, Satan's no Obama, either. ->
  • I just realized I've gone all day without turning on the TV. OK, OK, sure, the DVR takes the sting out of it, but still…. ->
  • RT @YoungCons: Obama whining about Fox News is like a football player badmouthing the only cheerleader that won't sleep with him. – Greg … ->
  • RT @brithume: This is where the culture of abortion can lead. http://t.co/pnqNL5wxBd ->
  • Breakfast: smoked pork chop from Burger's Smokehouse ( http://t.co/lLNgnqIMMO ). Jealous much? ->
  • New PC undergoing stress testing at the builder right now. Assuming it passes, it should be due for delivery tomorrow or Friday. Wheeee! ->
  • DVR time, watching last night's #Redeye. Every time they air a pet video, I expect a falcon to swoop in and grab the dog/cat/whatever. ->
  • It's a head-banging afternoon here. Sabaton, "Aces in Exile" – http://t.co/2teEgDjEpJ ->
  • For a minute there, I couldn't remember where I'd put my coffee. I was *this* close to calling 911. ->
  • Who is this Sally Kohn guy on Fox News, and why isn't he wearing a tie like everyone else? ->
  • Been a busy week. Set up my new PC and new work laptop at the same time. Remind me never to do that again. ->
  • The new PC… Verily, it doth rock. ->
  • Coffee, truly it is the Elixir of Life. ->


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