A Week of Tweets

Posted By on March 11, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • Sequester, Day 4: Spent whole day looking forward to "Justified," only to recall that it's on *tomorrow.* Our doom surely approaches. ->
  • RT @rsmccain: "Andrew inspired people. Frum mostly inspires people to actively dislike him." http://t.co/lVW9eo0fVx ->
  • Major neuropathy pain. Meds aren't helping this time. I had plans for this morning that I'm going to have to put on hold. Dang it. ->
  • RT @Ithildyn: The new #IronMan3 trailer http://t.co/DWCmpvC03F is made of win! Can't wait till May! ->
  • Sequester Day 5: too ill today to find out if incoming t-storms and snow are real, or faked so we think we still have a Nat'l Weather Svc. ->
  • RT @Beregond: Hugo Chavez is dead. Let's hear again how great the free universal health care in Cuba is. #tcot #p2 ->
  • RT @VodkaPundit: Score one for cancer. ->
  • RT @isfullofcrap: Okay, now that Hugo Chavez is dead, it's okay to cure cancer. GO RELAY! ->
  • RT @JonahNRO: Breaking: Hugo Chavez first confirmed victim of sequester. ->
  • RT @IMAO_: CANCER: "It was a long and tough battle, but I'm happy to announce that doctors have declared me 100% Hugo Chavez free." ->
  • Ding, dong, the sunuvabitch is dead. #chavez ->
  • RT @rsmccain: A famous celebrity notes the passing of Hugo Chavez http://t.co/3QhP6paoEV Hat-tip @Vermontaigne ->
  • Sequester Day 6: floored by inner ear infection, roomspins. A tour of the White House might have prevented this. ->
  • Sequester Day 7: DHS spends $50mil on new uniforms, but I can't get my new PC until next week at the earliest? C'mon, people: priorities. ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: Ten Years Here – http://t.co/Trt4j1kor3 ->
  • Sequester Day 8: making Korean for dinner, but forgot to include kimchi in my weekly grocery order. This is what the apocalypse looks like. ->
  • Hey! 10th Blogiversary today! http://t.co/zWGBhuZQji Shameless Self-Promoting Tweet, right here! ->
  • Sequester Day 9: I begin to think the Doom! scenarios may have been over-hyped BS. But Doom! is most dangerous when you don't expect it. ->
  • If geeks were as celebrated as much as athletes are, I'd be up to my neck in bimbos and coke, after the major problem I solved tonight. ->
  • Fall down, go boom. ->
  • Will we ever be free of the scourge of Daylight Savings Time? I find the entire concept to be ridiculous. ->
  • If TLC is to be believed, "Gypsy Sisters" is synonymous with "Stupid Drunken Whores." I don't think that was their intent… was it? ->


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  1. Brad says:

    Have you seen Amazon Kindle’s blatantly gay ad?