Haiku of the Day

Posted By on August 11, 2004 at 2:46 pm

“Not on the same boat,”
the pundits cry. Their mission:
redefine “served with.”

Watching the left-side-of-the-spectrum talking heads trying to avoid going into convulsions as they attempt to spin (i.e., lie about) the Swift Boat Vets story is almost entertaining.
The Swift Boat Veterans are facing (and will continue to face) vituperation, ad hominem attacks, misstatements about their motives, outright lies from Kerry defenders, and soon no doubt will have their reputations dug into and smeared for daring to criticize Kerry. (“Oh! The effrontery!”)
(Former FBI agent Gary Aldrich can — and does — offer some advice, as one who has been there.)
This is all happening, of course, because the Kerry camp cannot refute The Ad on the basis of the facts.
Update: More on the “served with” issue here, here and here.


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