A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on July 2, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Those who know me well would think I'd already had my share of medical bad news. Yeah, well, think again. #
  • Someone enlighten me… how is SWATing *not* attempted murder? #TeamWalker #BrettKimberlin #
  • Say, @CatsPolitics , have you got any good #Hovercat links this evening? #
  • RT @ERlC_CARTMAN: When a sad song plays on the radio… I look out the window and pretend I'm in a music video #
  • OK, enough flaking out… time to get the chores done. 1st… hairball cleanup detail. Huzzah. #
  • ICYMI: Thus Spake Russ: Some people never learn. http://t.co/HTIUkcgd #
  • Worst case tomorrow? #SCOTUS upholds. "Limiting principle? Meh" Best case: they throw out #Obamacare AND overturn Wickard v. Filburn. #wish #
  • 7-2, "We're too sexy for these robes." #otherSCOTUSpredictions #
  • #Hero // RT @mkhammer: #hellzyeahdelroy This deserves trending status: http://t.co/43qJfSo5 #
  • I cannot for the life of me figure out how the cat (Kismet, of course) changed my PC display prefs to dual 1440×900 monitors. #
  • Dems on the House floor during this contempt debate sure sound butthurt. #
  • Steny Hoyer just called himself "bipartisan." I do not think that word means what he thinks it means. #
  • Nancy Pelosi talking about… well, it doesn't matter. Anything she says comes across as a lie. #
  • If contempt charges against a sitting Attorney General are unprecedented, it's because we've never had so contemptible an AG before. #tcot #
  • Nancy Pelosi's speech in the AG contempt debate is so passionate, her face almost cracked. #tcot #
  • Pelosi would be crying on the House floor right now, but leather is waterproof. #tcot #
  • Animal Husbandry? // RT @DavidLimbaugh: What does @ToddKincannon think is a good prelaw major? #
  • I really don't know how he does it. Damn cat walked across the keyboard and as a result rotated my screen display 90 degrees. #
  • Dude? RT @JPFreire: Oh. Dude. Totally. RT @JonHenke: DUDE RT @jeffemanuel Dude. RT @moelane: Dude. http://t.co/jhjPIiz2 #
  • How did I not know there was a reboot coming? http://t.co/F4NHPDiG — Oh yeah, I never go to the theater, never see previews. #
  • I'm beginning to think Kismet spends more time on my keyboard than I do. Which means a lot, considering my line of work. #
  • Another month or three and my hair will finally be long enough to donate to http://t.co/NsrINMU9 #
  • Oh coffee, dear coffee, I know it's only been 24 hours, but how I've missed you. #
  • Oh good. Fireworks in the neighborhood. That won't bother the cats, no, not at all (he said, while prying Packet off his leg.) #
  • All this talk of power outages has me thinking maybe I should look into getting a generator. Soon. #
  • Kismet thinks my reading glasses are HIS chew toy and he'll pull them off my face to prove it. He'll be happy and headbutty, then, "yoink." #
  • Oh, Insomnia, it's been so long. And yet, I haven't missed you even a little bit. #
  • I love them so much, I want there to be more of them! // RT @CoolCzech1: #ReasonsToVoteForObama Because I just hate the unemployed. #
  • listening to "REO Speedwagon – Roll With The Changes [HQ] (Live Midnight Special 1978)" ? http://t.co/2mHiPQVR #
  • listening to "Rhett Miller – Come Around (Official Music Video)" ? http://t.co/QGgJX0v6 #
  • listening to "Cry Little Sister – Gerard McMann" ? http://t.co/9YtiXtyx #
  • listening to "The Polyphonic Spree – Light and day …" ? http://t.co/8k7yEnxF #


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