A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on April 9, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Thunder booms, and I am suddenly surrounded by cats. Do they want security, or food? Food, of course. They always want food. #
  • Oh goody. My login to work is broken. This could be all sorts of fun to get fixed. #
  • Would you rather have crack-smoker Marion Barry, or a "dirty" Asian shop, in your neighborhood? http://t.co/UqqU3m3r #DenounceMe #
  • If the rest of the week goes like today so far, I'm going to wish I'd fallen down the stairs, just to have an excuse to not be at work. #
  • I hope everyone is having as good a Good Friday as I'm having (so far.) #
  • Y'know, maybe – just *maybe* – it might be a good idea for me to remember to take my various and sundry medications today. #
  • A fly got into the house when I opened the front door to bring in my mail. Packet and Kismet have been going *insane* about it. #
  • My legs kept me awake all night (morning….) I am so doomed, work/wakefulness-wise. Unless I can get IV caffeine. #
  • Happy Easter, everyone! — Easter Song, 2nd Chapter of Acts: http://t.co/T4Ks1KBd via @youtube #


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