A Week (or so) of Tweets

Posted By on October 29, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Work-wise, today has consisted of naught but major suckage. Soooo glad it's (almost) over. ->
  • RT @Stranahan: I stand with @StevieJWest : or whatever other convoluted body position she finds herself in. Support. Maybe I should stic … ->
  • RT @scrowder: Am now following those who RT "LENA DUNHAM: #MyFirstTime parody!" http://t.co/fFzBf3ql #MoreFreeCrap ->
  • Good. I want him voted out fair and square. // RT @foxnewspolitics: Source says Reid 'okay' after car crash in Vegas http://t.co/xuJ6uq2Q ->
  • RT @Doc_0: If only Obama protected our people in Benghazi the way he protects subsidies for billion-dollar puppet shows. ->
  • #MyFirstTime was Ronald Reagan. It was so good I had to take up smoking shortly thereafter. ->
  • The lads had their checkups yesterday. Kismet was a *very* good boy. Packet, OTOH… oy, such yowling. He definitely doesn't like the vet. ->
  • Gloria Allred is a hemorrhoid on the body politic, and had been so as long as I can remember. I'm 50 years old, so she must be, what, 900? ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: Scapegoating – http://t.co/XHC3joYo ->
  • The fun thing about doing a spellcheck on a blog post is that I can tell it to ignore "Obama." ->
  • Thus Spake Russ: The original "Band of Brothers" – http://t.co/aczBVLuK ->
  • I hate having to wake up an hour early just to make sure my laptop will boot up in time for work. Really hate when it works the first time. ->
  • The only thing lamer than the Prius is the ad campaign for the Prius. ->
  • And Miss Reardon Drinks a Litre #misspelledtheater ->
  • Got some dimmable LED light bulbs I ordered a the other day. $$$, but what I need. But maybe I should have checked the size first. Oops. ->
  • RT @iowahawkblog: Idea: let's put Gloria Allred and Donald Trump in a steel cage death match with tire irons, and ignore whoever survives. ->
  • I'd turn in my *best friend* if I knew he belonged to this group: http://t.co/IQvLyjuu I'd turn in my *brother.* No excuses. #tools ->
  • Call: vet had an emergency surgery, won't be making housecalls until noon. Yay. So glad I stayed up. Now… where's that 5 Hour Energy….? ->
  • The vet is coming in an hour to do checkups, give vaccinations, etc. The furry lads are in for a surprise. Think "thermometer." ->
  • "Life of Pi" is a movie? What, "First, there was 3. It became 22/7, then 3.14, before maturing to 3.14159. At the end, it was irrational." ->
  • RT @ExJon: I'm not sure what Donald Trump has, but it'll be the classiest October surprise ever. ->
  • Just made a donation to Mia Love is Running for Congress https://t.co/Ej7qr1KH ->
  • So… did Dick Morris *really* say Romney would take Ohio… and PA, MI, and WI? ->
  • For the record: I remember bayonet training *very* clearly. We'd just bombed Libya, so it was a good day to feel aggressive. ->


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