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Posted By on February 8, 2012 at 3:26 pm

Jeff Goldstein, on the candidacy of Rick Santorum:

Santorum is known for being willing to stand up, take questions, and defend his positions intellectually. If he’s given a big platform on which to do that — say, as the GOP nominee for President, where he can speak directly to the American people — I suspect they’d be able to see which religion is more dangerous: the statism, which believes it has a right and a duty to ignore the Constitution for its ends; or a religious dude who just wants the state and the judiciary to follow the Constitution and stop molesting people of faith.

The problem with screaming “anti-woman” and “gay hate” over and over again for years on end is that people roll their eyes at such bs now. Except for the true believers, who were never going to vote for Santorum anyway.

[Empasis mine.]


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