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Posted By on January 20, 2012 at 4:13 pm

Ace nails it:

This aspect of the Paul agitation — seeking power without going through the bothersome step of ever securing permission — infuriates me. It’s always these games with rigging polls, caucuses, straw polls, etc.

There’s an arrogant contempt of democracy here.

“Infuriates” is the right word for it. The most rabid followers of Doctor L. Ron Paul have no concern for the legitimate contest; rather, they attempt by any means necessary and/or possible to game the system, to generate the appearance that Paul has more support than he in fact does have. They lie — quite openly and unabashedly — about the support he has from, say, military personnel. Unfortunately, some unsuspecting voters are buying into it.

God help us if that lunatic and the people who worship him ever gain the levers of power.


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