Note to the cats

Posted By on October 13, 2008 at 4:33 am

To: Cats
From: Management
I have had a long night at work, and I’m extremely tired — due in no small part to your insistence yesterday, during the hours of the morning I tried to sleep, on having an extended verbal disagreement.

  • Mycah: the boys are just trying to play. There’s no need to get so upset. Growling, hissing and spitting are not conducive to good conduct, or to my ability to sleep.
  • Packet and Kismet: Mycah is getting up in years. Leave her alone when she’s trying to sleep… and especially when I’m trying to sleep.
  • All three of you: attempts at wrestling, with the resultant yowling, will not be tolerated between the hours of 4am and noon.

I have a squirt bottle full of water, and I’m not afraid to use it.
Just try me.


6 Responses to “Note to the cats”

  1. Jane says:

    Might I suggest the arch crime of shutting the bedroom door?
    However, that might result in retaliatory, commando type assaults elsewhere in the home

  2. Parker says:

    Uh Oh, the squirt bottle. I HATE the squirt bottle!

  3. No, no, not the squirt bottle!

  4. Geez, why do beans always ruin all of our fun??

  5. Susan says:

    “Might I suggest the arch crime of shutting the bedroom door?”
    That only causes a howling cat at the door. My cat would come into the bedroom at 5:00 AM every morning. The first thing she would do is jump on the vanity and rattle the bottles followed by jumping against the closet door. If that was ineffective, she would jump on the headboard and run her paws down the mini blinds.
    She now run any time she sees the squirt bottle. We are both happy now that she can be a cuddle bunny in the bed but doesn’t disrupt my sleep.

  6. MJ says:

    My cat loved the squirt bottle! Because I live in Florida, he now spends the night outside. Best for everyone.