Instant Message Excerpts: On Being a Network Engineer, 16

Posted By on July 7, 2012 at 3:22 pm

My job is what you might call “intellectually challenging.” It’s pretty much all brain-work and typing, with the occasional bit of “maintaining good customer relations” thrown in.

Some parts of the job, of course, are easier than others. Much easier. Like changing out bad cables….

Russ(2:55:34 PM): ok… the field tech is on site?
Gonzo(2:55:47 PM): yes
Russ(2:55:51 PM): he has the replacement cable?
Gonzo(2:55:59 PM): yes
Gonzo(2:56:05 PM): he’s ready
Russ(2:56:14 PM): then why not just tell him to replace the damn cable?
Russ(2:56:47 PM): -mutter-
Russ(2:57:12 PM): you do realize this is, like, the least rocket-sciencey part of our career field, right?

Cable swaps are not what one would refer to as “effective use of senior engineer time.”


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