Instant Message Excerpts: On Being a Network Engineer, 15

Posted By on June 22, 2012 at 4:48 pm

After dealing with an exceedingly demanding and finicky customer:

Russ(4:19:05 PM): I dunno about you – I always log that crap on those tickets
JSmith(4:22:30 PM): thanks. i’m sorta waiting for the day someone tells me i caused an SLA miss on one of these. i might be behind bars after that.
Russ(4:23:07 PM): what’ll put me behind bars is if I ever find out who invented Voice Over IP
Russ(4:23:39 PM): I’m kind of of the “if you use VOIP you deserve all the problems you have” school of thought
JSmith(4:24:51 PM): that’s a fair point. it’s way cheaper and relatively new technology, so get ready for an occasional issue. i actually tell customers that.
Russ(4:27:36 PM): yeah… a century ago, old Ethel on the switchboard wasn’t doing much better than VOIP does now
JSmith(4:29:29 PM): that’s another good one to help customer adjust their expectations.. haha…
Russ(4:29:55 PM): <<<< Master of Analogies
. . .
Russ(4:35:26 PM): I am so blogging this conversation
Russ(4:35:38 PM): names will be changed to protect the innocent

I don’t necessarily agree with Luddites… but I sure can understand what might, in part, motivate them.


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