| August 25, 2011

I have seriously been digging this tune since it was released last week. [You can either go here — or see the video embedded below the fold — had to be done to fix page loading issues.] It’s not just a good “game song” — it’s a good song, period. In case you missed it: […]

A simple experiment, or “Fun With Google”

| August 9, 2011

For a light bit of entertainment with my first cup of coffee of the day, I turned to Google. For some reason, I suspect none of those results is “himself.” It the president were to spend his free time playing one of the Call of Duty or Battlefield franchise games, his choice of primary weapon […]

Mass(ive) Effect(s on my free time)

| August 8, 2011

I suspect I may be doing more talking than usual* about computer/video gaming over the course of the next six or seven months. That’s due in part to my recent acquisition of an Xbox, but mostly it’s because of the March 2012 release of what may be the most anticipated game since… well, maybe ever: […]

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