A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on July 24, 2011 at 7:27 am

  • I love those seemingly complicated router problems that can be solved with a single config command. It impresses the customer. #geek #
  • I''m becoming convinced that "Metro LAN" is an idea spawned in the very depths of Networking Hell. #geek #
  • How shall I use my "leg endurance budget" today? I can break down boxes for recycling, or I can do 3-4 loads of laundry…. Laundry it is. #
  • Yeah… I have to think ahead about what I am going to do with my limited endurance. Basically, the strength of a 5-year-old. Dang it. #
  • Give from the heart! // RT @iowahawkblog: You know who also talked about "shared sacrifice"? Aztec priests. #
  • True Cat Fact: at any given moment, at least one of my three cats is engaged in behaviour which could be described as "douchey." #
  • I'm rather miffed that my DVR didn't pick up tonight's Hell's Kitchen. And there's no "on demand" channel for Fox. #timewarnerfail #
  • Love love love this song… "Hem – Half Acre" ? http://blip.fm/~167xou #
  • Another day, another doctor visit. Much more of this and I'll have to list "visiting doctors" as a hobby on my resumé. #
  • In most cases,, one should replace the word "Extreme" with "Stupid." (But not this week's "Extreme Chef" on FoodTV – a friend is on it.) #
  • RT @knifework: Best Coexist sticker ever? http://twitpic.com/5t7kry #
  • I am now approximately 10 months overdue for a haircut. #dirtyhippie #
  • Now, for the first time in my lifetime, we have neither plans nor the capability to put men into space. This is not an improvement. #
  • O hai. #
  • Not all muslims are terrorists… but damn near every terrorist claims to be muslim. #redeye #
  • Jane, that little part deep down inside of you that makes you a woman? It's called a "uterus." Google it. #redeye #
  • If I had a Hoveround, I'd do my utmost at all times to inconvenience the hell out of everyone near me. #redeye #
  • I love it (?) when it takes me 10 times longer to document a problem than it did to find & resolve said problem. #geek #EnglishProseFTW #
  • Monday! MT @LIFECOACHERS: Try going on a picnic! Even if it means sitting on a bus bench and drinking out of a bottle in a brown paper bag! #
  • I'd be more eager to work on my blog post ripping into a Democrat Underground screed, but my eyes can only stand so much DU exposure. #


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