A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on October 1, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Sheperd Smith… *click* #
  • Packet just hopped on the desk and sat his butt square on my mouse hand. He had clearly just used the litterbox. Eeew. Baby wipes FTW. #cat #
  • I'm still a bit ticked off that the astronomical Powers That Be decided that Pluto isn't a planet. Seems kind of arrogant to me. #
  • I'm fairly sure that toenail wasn't supposed to just come off like that. Hmm. #
  • The toeNAIL, not the toe. MT @CatsPolitics: Leprosy? RT @RussEmerson: I'm fairly sure that toenail wasn't supposed to come off like that. #
  • You can tell the girl you're interested in is a geek chick if you ask her out and she returns a 406 error. #
  • RT @CuffyMeh: I bet we could convince the Muslim world that Honey Boo Boo is an offensive filmmaker. #
  • I suspect @MegynKelly can tell that Simon Rosenberg of #NDN is a prevaricating asshole. #
  • I find that Google Chrome "Jess and Dad" ad oddly – and powerfully – affecting. #
  • Famous zombie apocalypse? // MT @LAScanner: HOLLYWOOD: Something creepy going down @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery. #
  • Just finished "Kurenai" – a 12-ep anime. Ya, ya, I know. It's a 1st-rate story, with quite engaging main characters. http://t.co/IPGbKPK9 #
  • My life isn't chaotic enough. I should adopt another pair of cats. #
  • Hot pastrami sandwich for breakfast? Sure, why not? #


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