A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on September 24, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • I praised Kismet for being a Gud Kitteh today…. then I realized I'd been out all p.m. & hadn't actually seen him doing his usual deviltry. #
  • Yeah, I spoil my cats. Spoil 'em rotten. So sue me. #
  • Yaaar. That is all. #
  • Dunno how all y'all's weeks are going, but today is my "virtual Monday" – and is just as craptastic as an actual Monday would be. #
  • Romney released his tax returns. OTOH, the allegations that Harry Reid is a pederast remain unchallenged. #tcot #
  • I've no idea how much Harry Reid gave to charity last year, but I'll bet every penny of it went to NAMBLA. He hasn't denied it. #tcot #
  • 5pm is way, way too early in the day for me to be yawning. Especially since I'm on duty until midnight. #
  • I think I'm going to make it to bed before the sun even considers rising this morning. I must be doing something wrong. #
  • Yay, work week is over. Now… what about my weekend? I guess I can figure out something to do. Maybe. #
  • Sure, sure, cats can be cute and all, but their capacity for flatulence never seems to get mentioned. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Kismet. #


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