A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on May 28, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Semi-annual neurologist checkup today. No miracle cure yet. Yet. #
  • God bless America. // MT @PoliticsOfFear: Most ppl will never understand how hard it is to get to orbit and a private company just did that. #
  • RT @SpaceX: The crowd cheers as Falcon 9 lights up the sky #DragonLaunch http://t.co/wmDP8gxs #
  • "See what free men can do!" RT @NASAKennedy: SpaceX Dragon is now in orbit after successful launch this morning. http://t.co/Iw0IemGr #
  • Three days, three doctor appointments. I swear, I'm actually looking forward to my work week beginning tomorrow. #
  • ICYMI: Thus Spake Russ: "Or, according to Obama, 57." – http://t.co/MsYxyEZi #
  • If there's not going to be any curling, why would I care about any "summer" Olympics? #
  • I've never tried having breakfast in bed. Though to be honest, I don't see the attraction of cold fried chicken or leftover pizza in bed. #
  • Quite a lot like my bag of hammers. // RT @ExJon: I have a box of rocks. It has never said that Andrew Breitbart was an extremist. #
  • I am very nearly the world's crappiest blogger. #HonestyHour #
  • I can think of six people I'd be tempted to kill if I knew I could get away with it, & two even if not. (ONLY tempted, duh.) #HonestyHour #
  • I really wish I hadn't remained a bachelor all my life. #HonestyHour #
  • Just finished my [comparatively] trivial post for "Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day." Set to go out at 11am EDT. #
  • Why am I still awake? #
  • I should have gone to bed an hour ago. I blame technology. #
  • Yeah, it's a holiday weekend, and yes, I'm working like any other weekend. But at least it ought to be fairly quiet. It usually is. #
  • Can't sleep. Today is gonna be a big pile of suck. #
  • The Magnificent Choombersons #ObamaStonerMovies #
  • OK, is there anyone who still isn't aware of the menace, #BrettKimberlin ? http://t.co/tqKzu3Dq #
  • Ditto: http://t.co/fApYlmaQ // RT @sistertoldjah: @michellemalkin still not seeing my post on there! *sniffs* ;-) #brettkimberlin #
  • Yup. // RT @DavidLimbaugh: Me: "Do I have to work today?" Me: "Yes." Me: "Cursing." #
  • Banned on YouTube? Apparently, some opinions are just too radical. http://t.co/wkwf8PDI #
  • #War // RT @EWErickson: Sheriff is at my house. Someone spoofed my phone number and said someone had been shot at my house. #


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