A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on May 21, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Did I mention nausea? Lots of nausea. Lots and LOTS of nausea. #
  • But my fever finally broke. I feel like a wrung-out rag. #
  • Another @andylevy Yes reference. Outstanding. #Redeye #
  • Oh hey, another testosterone ad during #Redeye Imagine my surprise. #
  • Finally starting to feel human again. The last two days have felt like an eternity. #
  • I spent so much of the last 2 days nauseous & dry heaving, I suspect the cats were thinking "That must be one gigantic hairball." #BetterNow #
  • Barbarism. Three, minimum. // RT @theleanover: It's legal to kill your neighbours if they own multiple wind chimes. #CanadaFacts #
  • RT @CatholicLisa: “Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” — G. K. Chesterton #
  • Go big or go home: 10000 singing Beethoven – Ode an die Freude / Ode to Joy / ??????: http://t.co/Ap3R8FmK via @youtube #
  • "Kennedy" & "dead woman" = my spidey sense tingles. Habit. // MT @HeyTammyBruce: RFK Jr’s Estranged Wife Found Dead http://t.co/eeR15wJk #
  • 8:30 a.m. doctor appointments aren't much fun when you work on the night shift. [Insert yawns here.] #
  • "Babysit this conference call," they said. "It's an easy one," they said. "Shouldn't have to do anything," they said. Shyeah, right. #
  • Out of half-and-half. #firstworldproblems #
  • I had the weirdest dream. Went to the doctor – insurance covered $275, but my co-pay was $14,000. Foreboding? It felt so familiar. #
  • Yesterday I spent 11 hours on two conference calls. My voice is shot. I hope today is less, er, conferencey. #


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