A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on May 7, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • RT @michellemalkin: 'Til @Twitter brass wake up: #freechrisloeschAGAIN #freechrisloeschAGAIN #freechrisloeschAGAIN #freechrisloeschAGAIN #
  • Fall down, go boom. And put an elbow-shaped dent in the drywall. Genius. #
  • Excellent news – I no longer have to risk death weekly getting my trash can to the curb. The collectors will henceforth come up to get it. #
  • Lo, and somewhere distant do mine ears detect the sound of cat expelling hairball. Whereabouts, none can say. A mystery, to be sure. #
  • So, whatever happened to @gatewaypundit ? #
  • How To Succeed In Business With Lots OF Effort #BoringMovies #
  • I'm now trained and certified in the use of hand controls for driving. Wheeeee. (Installation next week, I hope.) #
  • RT @iowahawkblog: a "do-nothing Congress" is sort of like a "do-nothing arsonist." #
  • I found the perfect ringtone to use for one of my contacts…. http://t.co/XFiwB7d5 #
  • Someone medicate me, please. Preferably with something approximately 86 proof called "Macallan." #
  • I'm surprised smartphone makers don't advertise how much fun it is picking the right ringtone for each of your contacts. #gotanewphone #
  • The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul #BooksAboutMySexLife #
  • #
  • #
  • Apparently, the cat took some time to flop on my numeric keypad and spam my twitter account with ".03" over and over… and over…. #
  • Mirabile dictu… I remembered to take my meds before the day has gone too far along. Perhaps my legs will leave me alone now. #
  • Just in case you weren't already 100% sure that Obama is a self-serving narcissistic dirtbag…. http://t.co/mAV88MYN #
  • Another weekend night on duty, another wow-never-seen-THAT-before problem. Huzzah. #
  • Boy, I sure do hope I get another ticket tonight on something I've never seen before. Heaven forbid I should use my experience. #
  • It's Saturday night so… you guessed right: kalbi & kimchi. #winning #
  • They Were Expendable. #AMovieToDescribeMyEx #orExes #
  • Since I need coffee, I suppose it might be best to actually plug in the kettle. Keeps me from wondering why I don't have any coffee yet. #
  • I bet people wouldn't think caviar was such a great thing if it was called "salty raw fish eggs." Labels apparently matter. #


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