A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on March 12, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Watching "A Bullet for Joey" – Edward G. Robinson as… Canadian police inspector Raoul LeDuc? Did the world go briefly mad in 1955? #
  • Amazon just billed me and marked my Mass Effect 3 pre-order as "shipping soon." Tomorrow…. #ME3 #
  • War. RT @EvanPokroy: I Am Andrew Breitbart: http://t.co/nfD6vJbj via @youtube #
  • Canceling my Carbonite account. Might give Mozy a look. #
  • We should have a parade or something. // RT @radishthegreat: On this day in 1953 Stalin snuffed it. #
  • It's the 6th – why hasn't Amazon delivered my copy of Mass Effect 3 yet?!?!!??11?!eleven?!? #betrayed #disappointed #ME3 #
  • "Don't re-enact scenes from 'Platoon' with Charlie Sheen" – good advice. Rock solid. #
  • Support #IAmAndrewBreitbart add a #twibbon now! – http://t.co/R8Q1d6Ws – Create one here – http://t.co/7AYnrruu #
  • An Obama press conference? OK, I think I have an episode of Top Gear on the DVR…. #
  • So busy with Mass Effect 3, now my DVR is filling up. When am I supposed to watch Psych? #FirstWorldProblems #ME3 #
  • I knew it would happen some day: I've hurt my right wrist – my cane-wielding hand. Really awkward using the cane left-handed. #
  • Seriously, people: don't screw up your cane-wielding wrist. It makes everything so much more difficult. #NoTripToTheKitchenTonight #
  • Ya, I saw that "KONY" video. I am instinctively distrustful of anything that makes that much use of the chicken-foot "peace" symbol. #
  • Oh look. Bill O'Reilly is beating the "oil company!! price gouging!! investigation!!" drum again. **yawn** What a tool. #
  • I guess now they have something to be depressed about. // MT @irishspy: Iraqis Stone To Death 90 – 100 'Emo' Teens http://t.co/Yi42LWhY #
  • Dunno how *your* day is going, but I've managed to accidentally wipe out a sentient species this morning. #oops #ME3 #
  • Today appears to be "cats running around like idiots" day. Just like pretty much every other day, really. #


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