A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on February 27, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Kismet got out of the house. It took an hour, but I finally suckered him back in with the laser spot. #
  • . @Ithildyn I'm sure Packet was amused at my out-freaking re: Kismet's escape. Meh… they both get treats tonight. #
  • SMOD? // MT @NolteNC: THIS. RT @JedediahBila: @keder Most vetted candidate.Best grassroots operation by far.Inspires more enthusiasm … #
  • Back from the neurologist (& other errands.) Got another prescription, huzzah. This one might help the leg spasms I get. Fingers crossed. #
  • Tweet of the Month // RT @jamestaranto: Weird religion: Satan is against America. Normal religion: "God damn America." #
  • "Must" is such a harsh word. // RT @loser_geek: So close to having my Sentinels at level 20. Must resist urge to play until 4am. #ME3 #
  • The Night Chicago Caught a Cold #LessAmbitiousSongs #
  • Turn! Turn! #LessAmbitiousSongs #
  • Y'know, when someone says "that's just crazy enough to work!" I find I can't get past the "that's just crazy" part. #
  • Weather: *FLASH* *BOOM* *rain rain rain.* – Me: "Good, the lawn will need this." – Cats: "OMG! RUN! HIDE! IT'S GONNA GET US!!!" #
  • Gas prices are up, and there's a lot of talk about that fact… but has no one noticed their grocery bills lately? #
  • In case I haven't mentioned it, it's only 12 days until Mass Effect 3 is released. #
  • Why double-tap? http://t.co/4CZeiC2D #
  • 11 days until #MassEffect3 drops. Should be amazing, but three little words remind me not to get my hopes up: "Duke Nukem Forever." #ME3 #
  • Today has been one of those work days that, for no readily explainable reason, has just kind of sucked. Glad it's over. #
  • +100 RT @stymaximus: Curse you #ME3 multiplayer demo, why won't you let me sleep?! #biologicalneedsirrelevant #
  • Been up to my neck reading router memory all day. If I start to mutter, or dream tonight in hexadecimal, I'll know why. #geek #
  • Kismet did it again – flew past me when I opened the front door to bring in a package. 2 hours, he's still missing. *worry* #
  • The prodigal has returned. More accurately, one of my neighbors found in her front yard and returned him. (Thanks, Toni!) #
  • I totally forgot, yesterday, to remind everyone that Mass Effect 3 comes out next week Tuesday. Faster! Faster! #


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