A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on February 20, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • I have a crisp new dollar bill for anyone who can tell me how I'm supposed to get to sleep with my legs spasming every 30 seconds. #
  • Mass Effect 3 (PC) demo tomorrow… it's like waiting for Christmas. #ME3 #
  • STD WTF? #candyheartrejects #
  • #Obvious // RT @E_in_AZ: Never leave tuna unattended while tweeting in a house full of cats. #protip #
  • Now downloading the #ME3 demo. It's only 2GB. #huge #
  • Dear New Jersey: if you want to improve your reputation as a state, keep your citizens off TV. Or pick better examples. #
  • The best part of having Fast Forward on the DVR? I don't have to listen to that "Wheee"-ing Geico pig. Funny once, annoying thereafter. #
  • I've learned to make proper kalbi. The grocery store has kimchi. My rice cooker is getting a major workout. These facts are not unrelated. #
  • Every single Obama decision can be explained when looked at thru the lens of: does it make America weaker? Dumber? Poorer? Less free? #tcot #
  • CBS is running a Colonoscopy Sweepstakes? What next, PBS doing a Mammogram Lottery? Perhaps ABC could do Pap Smear Bingo, too. #
  • Another day, another series of conference calls lined up. Or I could just jump off the roof. Either way, it's gonna be painful. #
  • Mercifully, my conference call has been interrupted… by another conference call. #
  • Based solely on the number of hours I've spent on conference calls, I'd say this week has sucked like a fusion powered Electrolux. #


One Response to “A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates”

  1. susan says:

    OK. only 2 me3 tweets. cube mate was sick on monday and wondered how this was going to affect his plans on taking off for the release.