A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on January 30, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • True fact: I was born the same day as Hector "Macho" Camacho. Make of it what you will. #
  • Truth. RT @IMAO_ Obama's biggest reelection challenge is that he's not very good at being president and everyone knows it. #
  • Groceries: stowed. Me: knackered. Fortunately, my recharge time is a bit less than the time it took to wear me out. #
  • So Obama's main claim to success is that he made the exact same decision WRT bin Laden that EVERYONE (other than L Ron Paul) would make? #
  • "Justified" – oh yes. This is some mighty good stuff. I hope y'all are watching it weekly. #
  • Another bout of insomnia. Hooray for me. #
  • Less than 6 weeks until #MassEffect3 drops. That should give me plenty of time for another #ME2 run-through. Maybe a Femshep? Dunno. #ME3 #
  • I think I may have re-boinked my back… time will tell. Plus, I can't feel anything but neuropathy in my right leg. Oh joy. #sux2Bme #
  • You would be amazed at how many times so far today I have intercepted cat-generated tweets and FB status updates. #
  • Work done, dinner gone, cats fed… now what do I do for the rest of the night? #
  • I think I've broken my "personal worst" record for least amount of sleep: 1 hour. I am so doomed. #
  • Is it possible to OD on 5 Hour Energy? 'Cause, I'm likely to be pushing the envelope on that proposition today. #
  • Like a baby treats a diaper. // RT @TORARADICAL: How's the afternoon treating y'all? #
  • I should stop watching car-oriented TV. I'm always tempted to have custom things done to the truck I only put 6 miles a week on. #
  • Yay, work week is done. Now I can start making my plans for world conquest… or for my grocery run later this week. Either is fine. #


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