A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on October 23, 2011 at 4:27 am

  • Ugh. One more day like that and I'm calling it quits for the week. Of course, since tomorrow is the last day of the work week anyway…. #
  • What, no pepper spray? Dang. // RT @RaleighNews: Police arrest 19 demonstrators at Occupy Raleigh: http://t.co/Se8uig9w #
  • Priorities, people. *My* priorities. // RT @PolarCoug: Live simply. So I can have more, Please. Thank You. #
  • "Panzermistkopf." // RT @JonahNRO: There really needs to be a German word summarizing David Axelrod. #
  • Oh, no… I'm out of half-and-half. #FirstWorldProblems #
  • Unforeseen "benefit" of being well over a year overdue for a haircut: Kismet thinks he has a new toy. #cats #
  • Obama: MLK Jr. would have supported #OWShttp://t.co/a1G8bGeZ – In other news, we appear to have a colossal douchebag in the Oval Office. #
  • Euphemisms, always euphemisms. RT @NathanWurtzel Details? RT @jpodhoretz: Oh my God–I was POLLED! I was POLLED just now! By Quinnipiac! #
  • Argghh. One of my meds, very cheap & effective (albeit w/ side effects), has been taken off the market. The replacement: 6 times the cost. #
  • Obama is in NC today? I *knew* I felt a disturbance in the Force. #tcot #jedi #
  • My stupid cellphone reboots every time I try to look at a text message. I may have to buy a smartphone. #FirstWorldProblems #
  • Kismet caught a lizard in the garage, brought it in the house, then lost it. Yay. He's still looking for it. Hunting=10, keeping=1. #cats #
  • How weird is it that it's easier to give Mycah an IV than it is to get her to swallow a pill? #OhBother #cats #
  • Just getting to tonight's #RedEye if @BillSchulz 's shirt didn't say "Chicago" on it, I'd swear he was dressed like Sailor Moon. #
  • Pet peeve #825 female officers who insist on being called "Sir." This seems to happen only on TV; I've never seen it in real life. #castle #
  • Good "take" on tonight's debate. // RT @proteinwisdom: Debate reaction: my thoughts… http://t.co/fHmVmQBQ #
  • Why yes, I *am* still awake. My internal clock is so totally screwed up. #
  • Maybe, just maybe, Joe Biden needs to know what it's like to be Ned Beatty in "Deliverance. " http://t.co/X1SfFRdj #
  • I just managed to stab myself with a mechanical pencil. I may be a klutz, but at least I'm a high-tech klutz. #
  • ICYMI: Thus Spake Russ: Quote of the Day – http://t.co/wONU0FOm #
  • The work week begins. As usual, I am surrounded by cats locally and exploding routers remotely. Damn, I love this job. #
  • Sorry, Geico, you lost me with that "goldfish sushi" ad. Repellant. #
  • 10"? 10"? Pantywaist. RT @rjgrace: <=== ate an entire 10" pizza… :::beeeelch::: #fatasstweets #
  • [Update to the general public indicating that despite my silence, I am in fact alive.] #
  • LOL // RT @CatsPolitics: It's not Gaddafi, it's Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler". http://t.co/ZYuJC9We #
  • Probably against the Laws of Physics in most jurisdictions. // RT @rjgrace: Pluto is a dwarf planet. Anyone wanna toss that one around? #


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