A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on September 25, 2011 at 4:27 am

  • Work: done. Cats: fed. Dinner: done. Now for a bit of Mass Effect 2. Can't wait for Mass Effect 3… I'll have a dozen saves to import. #ME3 #
  • +100 // @johnhawkinsrwn: I find those JonBenet Ramsey style fashion shows for little girls to be extraordinarily inappropriate and creepy. #
  • I really wish I had some codeine right about now. Or a chainsaw. #neuropathy #sux2Bme #
  • GMTA. // RT @thekelliejane: Somewhere toward the top of my list of things I'd rather die than do: watch "Ancient Aliens". #
  • Yar. Yo-ho. Dead man's chest. Etc. #TalkLikeaPirateDay #
  • Am I the only one thinking the new GM/UAW contract ($5000 signing bonus?) is naught but a vote buying scheme? #
  • POTUS wants $1.5 trillion in new taxes… let's see… that'd buy 300 *million* UAW signing bonuses. Now it all becomes clear. Yaaar. #tcot #
  • Buick ad says "humans have 3,000 thoughts/day." Not *deep* thoughts, obviously, so they must be counting "I'm hungry" and "I have to pee." #
  • Bob Geldof at age 60 looks like Bob Geldof aged 30 wearing old age theatrical makeup. #topgear #
  • It's after close-of-business on payday, and I still haven't been paid, according to the bank. This happens all too often. #
  • See also "I Suck at Call of Duty" http://t.co/Ua06v2xh / RT @miracleofsound: New song! Goodbye Black Ops! http://t.co/3NZe92IJ #
  • Hey, @mozilla people – you realize #Firefox has an enormous memory leak problem, right? #
  • No sleep… vet house call… trip to vet office… picked up groceries… man, I'm pooped. http://t.co/1t3cyEcX #
  • RT @rumpfshaker: RT @OHCONSERVATISM: RT @hipstervative: Let's get #RIPMARKMCPHAIL trending. #
  • RT @DavidLimbaugh: The liberal worldview is most conspicuously recognized by its proclivity to always side with the bad guys. #
  • Given the outright racism and misogyny towards @michellemalkin, I'm betting @alecbaldwin must be rather proud of his followers. #
  • A real man would stand between someone like @michellemalkin and the barbarian horde. @alecbaldwin tells the barbarians to attack. #
  • There's no denying @alecbaldwin is a good actor – I just wish he'd act like a civilized human being once in a while. #tcot #
  • #blameMichelleMalkin // RT @EvanPokroy: Wait. Really? Ted Danson is now on CSI? WHAT THE MUFFIN IS THE WORLD COMING TO? #
  • I'm already writing my GOP debate blog post for tomorrow. And why not? The "mainstream media" have already written *their* narrative. #
  • Tim Emerson? No relation. #gopdebate #
  • My GOP debate "analysis" post is ready to be posted. But at 1am no one will see it. No one'll see it at 1030am, either, but I can hope. #
  • Frozen raspberries…. [insert Homer Simpson drooling noise here] #
  • I used the word "dastn't" in a tweet. Sometimes the archaic verbs are the best. #
  • I just made the mistake of looking at my SiteMeter. Thoroughly depressing. #
  • My take on last night’s GOP debaters, as if they were US aircraft of the WW2 era. – http://t.co/DNiOv1UT #
  • Time to disband the EPA. They apparently have nothing useful to do. // MT @Drudge_Report: EPA bans asthma inhalers… http://t.co/HIBDDfb6 #
  • *>blocked<* RT @CatsPolitics: Is your refrigerator running? RT @AndrewLawton: Catching up on my television! #
  • #Redeye needs more @danavachon and @jessejoyce, period, full stop. #


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