A Week of Tweets

Posted By on April 8, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • I've been accepted into the closed beta for World of Warplanes – http://t.co/rzGxqC3dSx. I feel so special. ->
  • Dang it. What is it about my days off from work that makes me forget to take my meds? ->
  • Two words: bacon steak. ->
  • RT @Beregond: The over medication of boys is one of the factors that is left out of the gun control debate. #TheFive ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: Lately, in gaming…. – http://t.co/Ban8GJh0ht ->
  • Felt like it was freezing here. I was wrong – it's only dropped to 38°. My bad… but I'm still firing up the space heater. Eat me, Al Gore. ->
  • RT @jackmcoldcuts: what's the over under on words it would take for @ap to avoid writing "He's an islamist illegal immigrant." 35? ->
  • So now not only am I the S-2 at 1st Cav ( http://t.co/xo4La4o2QW ), I seem to also now be the S-3. Yes, this is for a *game.* #geek #serious ->
  • RT @JonahNRO: Hey Netflix, you want to blow out your numbers by bringing back a TV show? One word: Firefly. ->
  • RT @SarahPalinUSA: Apparently MSNBC doesn't think your children belong to you. Unflippingbelievable. http://t.co/o9Ap4wHxjv ->
  • RT @sstealey: @PennyMoxie @twcablehelp I'm sort of hoping the entire #TWC org imploded. Maybe then #NC could get TV worthy of 2013. ->
  • Time-Warner cable is apparently experiencing a widespread landline outage. Good thing I don't do tech support for them. ->


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