A Week, More or Less, of Tweets

Posted By on June 10, 2013 at 12:21 pm

  • RT @GayPatriot: It's quite evident now that @BarackObama was illegitimately re-elected in 2012 by using the Fed Govt to suppress conservati… ->
  • My A/C has failed – 2nd time in 2 weeks. Mayybe this is supposed to be some sort of sign. ->
  • RT @CatsPolitics: The fact that Obama chose Biden to be his VP, and now he's chosen Susan Rice to be NSA, shows he's unfit to be POTUS. Rea… ->
  • If y'all aren't following @AaronWorthing, do so post haste. He's administering some serious seal-clubbing to clueless lefties. ->
  • RT @IMAO_: In a more perfect world, most of our politicians would be dragged off to prison in the middle of the night and never told why. ->
  • RT @GayPatriot: You're right, you're right. If Barack Obama was 100% white, I'd support him.

    Oh wait…. ->

  • RT @ExtraGrumpyCat: A baby's laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear. Unless it's 3am. And you're home alone. And y… ->
  • Just finished the last episode of "Kobato" – what a great little story. It had me completely engaged. Just lovely. http://t.co/1vvkrqhHq7 ->
  • RT @freddoso: You know that moment halfway through Conspiracy Theory where you suddenly realize that Mel Gibson's character actually ISN'T … ->
  • What's the over/under on there being an #NSA office in Cincinatti with low-level employees that this new scandal can be blamed on? ->
  • Don't get to feeling all smug that you're not a Verizon customer. You *know* that the other carriers will have been similarly probed. #NSA ->
  • I hadn't considered the YouTube angle. Equally likely, especially given Susan Rice's new position. @rsmccain in reply to rsmccain ->
  • As a former Army SIGINT guy, I usually side with #NSA. They may have wanted the phone data, but they couldn't make this happen on their own. ->
  • RT @TheRickWilson: 70 years ago, brave Americans stormed the beaches of Normandy to ensure we'd be snooped on by the NSA, not the Abwehr/OKW ->
  • Other than "several distinguished careers," how much did the Tailhook scandal cost the taxpayers? $40 million? Doubt it. #IRS ->
  • RT @SenTedCruz: Holder says he won't resign until he accomplishes all his goals. I guess there are still some amendments in Bill of Rights … ->
  • RT @RBPundit: If the answer was "no" Holder wouldn't ask for an "appropriate" forum to answer. http://t.co/TbRIhUztmc This is HUGE. #DOJ ->
  • RT @keder: Man, the government is going to do an awesome job running healthcare. ->
  • RT @FoolishReporter: Serious physics nerd joke http://t.co/GLxs27CQL6 ->
  • I'm on the phone with a customer who I would swear sounds like the South Park version of Al Gore. Hard not to chuckle. ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: In my copious free time…. – http://t.co/OC6zzakrF8 ->
  • Best smart-sounding random question to toss out into a conference call? So far, I'm leaning towards "Are you sure it isn't a DNS issue?" ->
  • I think by now I know more about Joe Theismann's prostate than I'll ever need to know. Unless there's a pop quiz. ->
  • RT @SteveWorks4You: Senator Obama is going to be irate when he finds out what the President has been doing. ->


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